Explore the BeerTubeMap

The BeerTubeMap is a flavour map of beers, designed to help you explore the world of beers more easily.



Each station represents a beer production style, iconic brand or regional style - whatever you would mostly likely see on a label. These are organised along lines with flavour themes, so the stations that are most similar are closest together, so if you like American IPA, you’ll probably enjoy the stations around it. The map connects beer styles from around the world so you can open up your repertoire - whether you are a fan of the traditional pint or a third.



On the back of the success of the WineTubeMap and WhiskyTubeMap, Nikki worked with Joe Dick to create the BeerTubeMap. Suffice to say that Joe not only knows a lot about beer (with a soft spot for Gueuze and Belgian beers) but he could pull in a lot of other beer experts to help us. Of course they had to sample a lot of beer in the process and surprised themselves with some of the flavour connections that arose.



The Pocket Guide to Beer is our guide to all things BeerTubeMap, it features a guide to every station, including how to get the authentic experience when visiting the areas and serve suggestions. It also has useful guides to buying, storing and food matching, all in our typical tongue in cheek style. Available in most book shops, or directly from us, RRP £7.99.