Decoding wine, whisky and beer.


Having a glass of wine, going for a beer or toasting with a dram have long been a way of connecting with friends, family and work colleagues. They are the social oil that signify down time, informality and often celebration - and rightly so.

Yet there still seems to be some pressure to ‘get it right’, whether it’s in the restaurant or bar looking down a baffling list or stood in front of the wall of wine or beer in the supermarket or drinks shop. People often shy away from choosing something new because they don’t want to end up with something they don’t like.

We believe that we can help to unpick that complexity whilst having a lot of fun in the process.

In 2011 Nikki Welch left a job working for a wine importer selling wine to the likes of Asda, Majestic and Tesco and set up on her own, determined to find an easier way of sharing her love of wine with others.

The WineTubeMap was born, by accident, a flavour map that anyone could use to help explore wines, based on their own preferences. On the back of the success of the Pocket Guide to Wine she decided the same approach could work for whisky and then beer. Working with collaborators Blair Bowman and Joe Dick the WhiskyTubeMap and BeerTubeMap were created.

We use the maps as the basis for events, training and more broadly to help people navigate drinks more easily. And as believers in the art of blending we love collaborating with people, businesses and brands to create new and interesting ventures.

All map copyright belongs to Tube Map Ltd and the authors.