Sociable, informal, professional

We are experienced in organising events to support businesses and organisations to grow and have fun. Whether you are looking for client development, engaging potential customers, team on team events or building your own team, we have a format and package suitable for you.

Although we have a range of formats we like to get to know you so that we can create an event that reflects your style and needs.


A different approach


We have a variety of event formats available but all use our skills and experience in engaging the audience to get them talking and interacting to each other. Many of our events use our unique sensory approach to drinks tastings including prompts like audio, smell, taste and even virtual reality! Guests go away knowing a lot more, more connected to you and having had a lot of fun.

Wine, whisky, gin, beer (or all of them!)


We know most events end or involve a glass or two, so we weave them into a wider format to facilitate conversations and make the evening flow. Depending on your event we can make that product specific to appeal to a certain audience and to learn more, or across a range of products to make sure there’s something for everyone.


On or off site

We can bring the party to you, or take you to the party

A number of our formats work perfectly in the boardroom or your own event space, we can bring all the kit to you so you don’t have to worry about anything. Or we can work with a venue of your choice or work with one of our partner venues to create the right atmosphere and format for you.

Large or small

GROUPS OF 16 to 200+

Our formats change depending on the group, but we can easily accommodate large or small groups and offer them the same levels of quality product, professionalism and fun to ensure your guests have a great time.



For reservations or information:

Contact Nikki to discuss your requirements and create the right event for you.